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MS Science & Engineering 10/31

Howdy and Happy Halloween!

The kids have been super busy in the MS classroom these past few weeks, tackling numerous projects simultaneously.

After the conclusion of our wind and weather unit, we leapt into a problem-based project in which the students must devise a method of delivering a "strike force" composed of 7 gummy bears into a landing zone some 40 feet away. This is complicated by the fact that the gummies must arrive in the upright position! The kids are working in partnerships, and I have been very impressed by their ingenuity. It should also be noted that they are being graded on their participation (which has been uniformly outstanding), but also on a detailed post-demonstration reflection and analysis.

Concurrently, the crew is hard at work considering their science fair project ideas. I have asked that they arrive at their final topic by this Friday. Please feel free to ask them about this, as they have done quite a bit of brainstorming. It's important that they develop a topic which will hold their interest, AND which will provide measurable, unbiased data.

Finally, we have the Art Auction this week! In advance of Friday's event, the MS students have been creating a very cool trio of Peace Poles (not unlike the ones at DGS) which have the message "May Peace Prevail On Earth" in a variety of languages. We did this project 3 years ago, and I was lucky enough to win one - it's still standing in my yard and it looks great! I look forward to seeing many of you this Friday!

I hope the rain relents for trick-or-treating, and you all have a lovely, spooky Halloween!

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