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MS Science & Engineering 11/1

Happy post-Halloween, parents and pals! Hoping the sugar-coma is going splendidly.

These past few weeks, MS has been hard at work crafting their tree project binders. This multi-disciplinary project is chock full of all things dendrological. The squad has had a lot of fun designing treehouses, comparing species, crafting anatomical diagrams, making leaf rubbings, and even memorizing poetry! This past week we took a walking trip to Davidson College campus to explore their diverse collection of tree species. From ginkgo biloba to dawn cypress, the crew was able to walk under the eaves of some really interesting trees and collect some wonderful leaf specimens for their binders in the process. These projects are due this coming Friday.

Shortly thereafter, we will have our post-unit test on trees. This will encompass the chemistry of photosynthesis, as well as xylem, phloem, and mechanisms trees use for distributing nutrients, and a leaf identification component. This will not be open-note, so they should be proactive about reviewing.

Also on the horizon is our skateboard science unit. This will begin before the Thanksgiving break, and though it refers to "skateboards", the class will also be welcome to use scooters or roller skates. They are encouraged to bring in these vehicles (along with helmets at a minimum - knee, elbow, and wrist guards are recommended). Throughout the unit, we will be exploring the physical laws which govern things that roll, and yes - we will definitely be putting these into effect both at school and at a local skatepark!

Coming up on 11/18, we have our DGS Variety Show. This will take place outdoors at the Davidson Green, and it is not to be missed! Also, see Mrs Maya's email with regard to our participation in the Ada Jenkins collection.

Lastly, props to Barry for a super-cool masterclass presentation on eSports and his experience playing on a competitive Rocket League team.

Have a great week! :)

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