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MS Science & Engineering 11/15

It was a fun, transitional week in the MS classroom as we shifted out of geology and into some neuroscience content and an introductory lab.

The students received their geology tests and had the option to resubmit them for additional credit. I was impressed by the few students who made corrections even with near-perfect scores because they wanted to “make sure they had the concepts”.

We also received the last of our Ship the Chip projects in the mail, and had our Pringle Party on Tuesday, revealing the fates of the chips we mailed. We had a very high degree of success, and even the projects in which chips broke were full of redeeming features and bold ideas. Students submitted their written project reflections on Friday.

Congrats to Samantha, who received the efficiency award both for least mass and lowest volume in a successful project!

We enjoyed hearing from Alex for Master Class, as he shared his expertise in designing automations within the Minecraft gaming environment. Next week we'll hear from Fenris.

The yard sale fundraiser originally scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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