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MS Science & Engineering 11/8

Following another exciting week in middle school, our students are ready for tonight’s Variety Show!

We concluded our geology unit this week and shipped off our Ship the Chip projects. The first wave of them actually arrived at school this afternoon, and we look forward to checking on their structural integrity on Tuesday. We will have fun opening them and eat a some Pringles in celebration, so if there is any dietary restriction, please let me know so we can make alternate arrangements.

The students took their geology quiz this afternoon, and I hope to have those graded by Tuesday.

Lastly, also on Tuesday, students’ Science Fair Research Plans are due, featuring their working title, question, hypothesis, procedure, and sources. While this does not have to be submitted to the fair yet, it should provide a fairly concrete framework for how they will move forward.

Kudos to Lily for an engaging master class on her experience cheerleading with the Lake Norman Giants!

Have a great weekend, and see you at the Variety Show!

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