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MS Science & Engineering 12/13

We had a full moon AND a Friday the 13th this week, AND we are inching toward Winter Break, so this week certainly had its share of energy.

As we have continued our study of the nervous system, our students prepared for a quiz this Wednesday which went well, and concurrently worked on developing models representing either neurons or the lobes of the brain. These were presented on Friday and were very cool. We had brains made out of play-dough, neurons made out of pipe cleaner, clay, and even wool, AND even a few edible cake & cookie brains/neurons to the delight of all who partook.

We are officially in the window for our science fair projects to be "underway", so students SHOULD have a clear idea as to when they are going to perform the experiments. I'd encourage them to share this with you and make sure it fits your schedule. Excluding the long-term observation projects, most seem to want to get them completed before winter break if possible. It's nice not to have it hanging over their head for sure.

REMEMBER that this Sunday is our Audubon Christmas Bird Count! While students do not HAVE to participate, it would be awesome to get as many as possible. I will be at school from 12-2p observing our feeders, but you are welcome to observe at any feeder within the observation circle - which you can find here:

After observing/counting you can send your numbers, species, time and location to me and I will forward it to Audubon.

Thanks, and have an awesome weekend!

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