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MS Science & Engineering 12/14


As we barrel on toward the winter break, the students have segued nicely into a unit on cellular biology. This week they are completing a 3D cell project in which they are selecting either a plant or animal cell to render and label in a shoebox-sized container. They have learned a lot about the specific functions performed by various organelles within these cells. We will present our projects as a group on Thursday and Friday.

We have also been learning a lot about the history of the Cell Theory and how the evolution of the microscope enabled scientists to make incremental discoveries regarding the make up of living organisms. Students should be prepared for an open note quiz at the end of the week.

Students should be almost ready to begin the experimentation phase of their Science Fair projects. Even though MS is shifting to a mostly-online schedule in January, we will be pressing ahead with our project timeline. I encourage all students to use some of their time over winter break to complete their experiments and record their data. I have given feedback to all students regarding their Research Plans and procedures.

Thanks to Connor for the engaging masterclass presentation on the game “No Man’s Sky” and to Finn who shared his love for modern scooter tricks. This next week we will hear from Cooper!

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