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MS Science & Engineering 12/6

Hi everyone!

We had a fun week in engineering, with everyone returning from Thanksgiving break recharged and ready to go.

We began by preparing and presenting our findings from the labs the students worked on in partners before the break. They did an AWESOME job. The presentations were engaging, and each one led to interesting discussions about the brain and how we use it OR about the scientific method and how to achieve the most valid results possible.

Simultaneously, we were researching the major divisions of the nervous system and the organization of the brain. We had some lively discussion on Friday regarding pain/sensation, reflexes, dreams, and consciousness.

This week is, of course, Christmas in Davidson, and many of our MS’ers are volunteering at the booth, so come and say hi this evening if you haven’t already.

Props to Cannon for a great MasterClass on Formula One racing - most of us knew next to nothing about it!

Science fair prep should be ramping up, with all students preparing to conduct their experiments (if they’re not already underway).

And don’t forget next Sunday, 12/15, will be our Christmas Bird Count - you can observe feeders at home, at school, or anywhere in the Lake Norman area and report your observation tallies to me!

Thanks and have an awesome week!

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