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MS Science & Engineering 9/10

Hi everybody!

This week, middle school brought the HEAT.

More accurately, I suppose we tried to design devices which would take advantage of solar radiation and absorb thermal energy in the effort to warm up an edible snack. In any case, the squad did a great job, and worked individually or in partners, developing ovens which exceeded 150F (nearly doubling the 80 degree temperature outside). This was more than enough to prepare delectable s’mores, quesadillas, and pizza bagels.

Although this week our science classes are mostly subsumed by the conference schedule (I look forward to meeting with all of you, btw), we will take another shot with our ovens this coming Friday, making modifications and trying to beat our personal records from this past week. After that, students will complete the project by producing a reflection due Wednesday 9/22.

We will also continue to read about conduction, convection, radiation, and the fundamental principles of thermodynamics. Our first test will be on Friday, 9/24.

The group has gelled well over the past few weeks, and I have really enjoyed getting to know them better individually, and as a class. It's been a great start to the year! See you later this week!

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