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MS Science & Engineering - back at it!


We had a fun week in MS Sci & Eng. We had an amazing time in the mountains last week, exploring the Nantahala River Valley, testing ourselves on ropes, climbing, and ziplines, and learning about wilderness preparedness and survival. The squad is still coming down, but a bit of new content and some discussion of the Science Fair helped bring them right back. ;)

We narrowed our project choices down to our top 3 this week and took some time to do some research ahead of our official selections on Tuesday. After that, we’ll begin our research plans and things will get real!

We also jumped into the next section of our curriculum, taking things from the atmosphere to the geosphere. We’re learning about the interior of the earth in terms of its composition and physical properties. This led us to a fun lab exploring how seismic energy travels at higher rates through materials of greater density.

Hope to see you at the Farmer’s Market this Saturday, and on the horizon we have picture day 10/21, the Wine & Cheese event at Jennifer’s house 10/24, and our first round of conferences 11/1.

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