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MS Science & Engineering Week 1

We are one week into a very strange school year, and I am SO proud of how your kids have handled the transition.

As mentioned in our initial meeting, we are taking things slowly, easing into routine and trying to make sure everyone feels comfortable and supported. We are acclimating to our surroundings, to our technological tools like Google Classroom, and to the expectations of our classes and schedules.

In Science & Engineering, we jumped right into a team-building engineering challenge, designing a “throne” for a stuffed dinosaur using extremely limited materials. In our cohorts, we have begun to approach our first content material, focusing on hydrology and the principles which make water such a fascinating and essential molecule.

I recommend that students maintain either a binder or 3-ring folder for their S&E material. While we will not be doing notebook checks, there will be occasional “open note” quizzes, and a little organization goes a long way. Also, please make sure your technology is charged, and bring it to class each afternoon. If you have had difficulty in joining or navigating Google Classroom, please reach out to any of your teachers in order to resolve the issue.

Thanks SO much for a great week. Your kids arrived ready, excited, and inspired, and we are going to have a fantastic year!

Hit me up ANY time you have questions or concerns.

Ed Haponik

Science & Engineering Teacher

(919) 452-7700

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