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MS Science Week 2

Greetings all!

Fun times this week in MS Science and Engineering as the students (and I) settled into our routines and made adjustments as needed.

We are working on hydrology, so we started out with an exploration of the hydrologic cycle through a week-long lab, observing how water is evaporated and condensed in a closed container while materials like salt and food dye are left behind.

We also had some fun looking at the endothermic properties of evaporation which were enough to self-extinguish a $20 bill (thank goodness) which had been saturated in rubbing alcohol and water.

And last but certainly not least, we got to watch some seriously incredible sporting drama as Fallon and Zachary went head to head in our World Championship of Balancing Water Droplets On Pennies. The cohesive force of surface tension has never been so riveting to behold. Congrats to Zachary on the victory, but both participants did amazingly!

Amoun also started off our weekly “MasterClass” program with an informative lesson on the relationship between microplastics and pollution upon shark attack incidence.

Thanks to everyone for a great start, and have an awesome weekend!

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