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Nature is my favorite artist

What a glorious October we have had! The trees are at their most lovely and as the wind dances by the leaves let go and swirl and twirl to the ground. I told the kids that if they caught a falling leaf they could make a wish, which led to lots of fun chases. We also went on a fall flower hunt and found purple asters, red camellias, yellow goldenrod and tiny white tea olive blooms. We were respectful and only took a few blooms from each plant, leaving most for the pollinators. Then we made art with them!

Since it is a mast year with oak trees making an incredible amount of acorns, we made art with them too. The temperatures were, for the most part, just warm enough to make creek visits delightful again, and we found signs of woodland creatures instead of a haze of mosquitoes.

We met the sycamore tree on the playground and marveled at the enormous leaves and really fun seeds.

The week of Halloween we just relaxed at the cottage in order to provide a balance to all of the frenetic fun of the holiday. I hope you enjoyed October as much as we did!

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