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Our Week In Review (1/6 - 1/10)

This week we jumped right in after a long break! In ELA we began a unit on Expository Writing. Students will be writing informative essays. We are learning and applying strategies for creating strong paragraph and essay structure. These include how to construct a strong topic sentence/thesis or claim, how to provide and explain textual support and how to incorporate transitional language. We are also engaging in a read aloud of one of my favorite books, Doll Bones by Holly Black.

In Social Studies we have started a unit focusing on Agriculture and Ancient Civilizations. Students are learning and presenting unit specific vocabulary, evaluating related informative articles and considering the connections between our previous unit, our modern world, and the rise of agriculture.

We have learned about the art forms we are going to use for our art auctions pieces and students have done some brainstorming about what they would like their finished product to be. Next week we will begin creating the pieces. Students are welcome to stay after school on Tuesday until 4:15 for the Middle School Makers Club. We will focus on creating polymer clay tiles for mosaic and multimedia pieces, but they are free to work on any craft they would like.

Ed, Kim and I are looking forward to seeing you for Curriculum Night. In addition to giving you an update on what we are working on and where we are going with our curriculum, we will also have on display examples of student work to give you an authentic idea of what we do in middle school!

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