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Our Week In Review (11/11 - 11/15)

This week in middle school we began an ELA unit on memoir writing. Together we learned the traits of a memoir and identified and analyzed them in mentor texts. We reviewed several different brainstorming and prewriting techniques to generate ideas and details for our own memoir writing tasks. We also learned about a fun type of memoir writing called the Six Word Memoir, as in, "Almost there...can't wait for turkey!" This is great genre because it forces young writers to really be intentional with word choice and can be used both as a strategy for personal expression and a way to sum up understanding of a concept across content areas.

In Social Studies we learned about the first migrations of early man. We also continued to analyze different topics related to the Paleolithic era through the lens of different scientific disciplines, with a focus on constructing strong questions. We wrapped our week with an introduction to claims and claim testing.

8th Grade DGS students get the lowdown on high school from two returning DGS grads!

Middle school students analyze objects and events related to the Paleolithic era.

A sweet furry visitor brightens our Friday!

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