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Our Week in Review (11/4 - 11/8)

This week we focused most of our attention on our Social Studies Unit on the Emergence of Early Man. We took a closer look at the Paleolithic Era, identifying the characteristics of early societies of men and discussed the evolution of culture, which include art and music, economy, and religious beliefs. We examined two important scientific disciplines related to the study of early man, anthropology and archeology and learned about other disciplines and how different scientific fields will interface to fully explore a topic.

After learning about different disciplines, students worked in groups to choose a specific topic related to the Paleolithic Era, identify which disciplines would investigate this topic, and create questions that each discipline would ask. Next week groups will continue with their research related to the focus questions they created and will present their information to the class.

In ELA we returned to our grade specific novels read during trimester one. We reviewed the important plot elements of each novel and brainstormed words, phrases and images related to the text. This is a part of a culminating activity for our study of the Abstract Art Movement, where we will work across content areas to create a piece of abstract art that communicates an idea, feeling or theme from the novel.

Eighth graders discuss and brainstorm ideas for an artistic representation of the novel A Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen.

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