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Our Week in Review (12/9 - 12/13)

We had another busy week in Middle School. Combine that with a full moon, Friday the 13th and vacation right around the corner...whew! We ironed out some plans for our ELFT and found great accommodations at the James Island County Park cottages. We still have a ways to go as far as fundraising is concerned, but finding a place to hang our hats for three nights was challenging and I think we settled on a really great option.

In ELA we continued our Kindness Unit with a close read of "Thank You, Ma'am" by Langston Hughes. Students annotated their texts for clues about conflict, characterization and theme. We then reviewed strategies for creating text questions (factual, interpretive and evaluative) using a fun illustrated book then applied this knowledge by answering factual and interpretive questions about the text. Next week we will engage in a Socratic Seminar to answer evaluative questions. Students continued to analyze the theme of "Thank You, Ma'am" by creating found poems using words and phrases from the text.

In Social Studies we watched videos and did a close reading of two different texts annotating for clues about early human migration. Students then used these clues to create a map of early human migration patterns. We also learned about the characteristics of our earliest civilizations.

Middle school students work together to map our early human migration patterns.

Students annotate "Thank You, Ma'am" by Langston Hughes.

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