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Our Week In Review (2/10 - 2/14)

I hope you all are having a relaxing weekend - it's such a busy time for all of us! Our middle school students have been working so hard. They are finishing up science fair projects and art auction pieces. Additionally, in lieu of a unit test for our Agriculture and Civilization project, students are completing a group "museum exhibit" project for a specific ancient civilizations. Each group is responsible for communicating their understanding of their ancient civilization by creating visual artifacts, written information, a digital story, and an interactive component. They are pretty excited and coming up with some really interesting ideas! My goal is to have them present on 2/27, though this date may change depending on how much time we need to complete the project.

In ELA we have begun a spelling program that will continue throughout the rest of the year. About a month ago the students took a preliminary spelling inventory. This assessment gave me an idea of what their skill level was. Each week the students will create an individual spelling list that focuses on a specific spelling rule, commonly misspelled words, and words that they track as they continue to read and write across the content areas. The spelling lists will be created on Wednesdays and we will work through various tasks and then have an assessment on the following Tuesday.

This week we will continue working on the museum project, conference for portfolios, and begin a new read aloud novel - we finished Doll Bones and it was wonderful! Hope we see you all at the Art Auction this Thursday!

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