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Our Week In Review (2/28 - 2/31)

Well, that's a wrap for January...and we even got see a bit of snow! This week in ELA we continued reading Doll Bones and they are eagerly awaiting its conclusion next week. Students engaged in more research for our research mini-unit on Martin Luther King, Jr. and most kids now have ten notecards with source information and a direct quote, paraphrase or summary. Next week we will dip our toes into MLA citations. Students also completed a rough draft of their informative writing essay and engaged with another student to peer edit and confer.

In Social Studies students are familiarizing themselves with ancient civilizations across the globe. Students examined and analyzed agriculture across six different civilizations. Small groups were assigned a single civilization and created an argument for why theirs made the most impactful contribution to our world. Next week we will learn more about the culture of each of these early civilizations.

We also had a very successful Kid's Night Out on Friday! Everyone had a great time. A big "thank you" to participating students and families!

Middle school students research agricultural facts about early civilizations.

Students explain the important contributions of their early civilization.

Primary kids have fun at Kid's Night Out!

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