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Primary week of 10/19-10/23

What an amazing week we had, the weather was outstanding and outside was the place to be! We have a new climbing rope in the woods and it has been quite the hit.

Halloween is one week away, we have a daily countdown (initiated by the children of course :) as to how many 'sleeps' until Halloween. We are singing some Halloween songs outside and the children are really enjoying this, they ask every morning. We will have a special day on Friday and I will be sending a sign up genius for things you can contribute if you choose to.

This week we had some interesting discussions, one inspired by the book ' Princesses wear Pants' shared by one of the children. This led us into a discussion about who we are and our attributes. We concluded that our beauty comes from within and that we all play together at DGS...all are welcome and all are included.

Our study of the human body continues, this week we will be eating the brain (jello...all natural). Kindergarten continue with their study of the solar system.

Some of the works enjoyed this week were, one to one correspondence transporting rocks, rock painting, patterns, geometric solids, and skip counting....just to mention a few.

I can hardly believe we are about to enter into the last week of October. However, when I see the children all working, collaborating, and the works that are being chosen, it makes sense. It makes me feel like all is right with the world when we are together at DGS!

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