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Primary week of 10/21

The red rods: ten wooden rods which decrease in one dimension. Length diminishes from one meter to 10 c.

Developmental Aim: to observe, compare, differentiate, reason, decide, solve problems.

Practical Aim: discrimination of length, ability to grade from longest to shortest.

Future Aim: base ten, number rods and measurement.

This work involves a lot of movemwnt which is especially important for children this age. The rods are graded from longest to shortest moving each rod from left to right (future tracking for reading and in prep for writing).

Looking forward to speaking with everyone this week at our conferences.

The variety show is coming up on November 9th and Primary will be singing a group song. They are also welcome to perform a separate act if they choose.

The highlight of our week was of course our field trip. Thank you to all our chaperones! We had a great discussion about all the things we loved about it.

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