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Projects Galore

What a busy week it was with our regular works and squeezing some time in for special projects for upcoming events. The children truly love these projects and will be so happy to share them with you!

I am not sure if everyone realized that I posted pictures of our field trip to Fisher Farm on the field trip section of the DGS website.

Thank you for keeping your child home when they are sick, this week we had children out sick everyday and there were 2 days where 8 children were out. The virus that is going around is going through all of the schools in our area. It hits the children hard and fast. We appreciate you keeping them home and trying to avoid other children and teachers from getting sick also. Children love to be home and nurtured when they are under the weather, don’t we all!!!

Conferences are coming up quickly, please sign up for one when you can, we will do them outdoors this time! Also a reminder to fill out the permission slip for Rocky Creek Field Trip when you have a chance.

it is so hard to believe that we are coming into the last month of school. We are all appreciative of the gifts nature is giving us right now and the beautiful weather.

Hopefully everyone gets a chance to rest over the weekend and feel well for next week. On Friday May 7th, our present Kindergartners will spend some time visiting Lower El and our upcoming students for next year will visit us. Should be an exciting time for all!!!

A special visit from Elvis was followed by followed by a visit from Evie’s sweet little puppy!

Enjoy the weekend.

The Primary Team.

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