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Put Your Whole Self In

We start each new year with an opening ceremony.  This ceremony is a time to reconnect to our DGS community and to be inspired about the year ahead.  

Each new year is like starting a new adventure; it can be exciting and scary.  We reminded our community that when we go on an adventure, we take risks, try new things, and put our whole self in.  

There is an amazing communal dance and song, which lyrics are quite philosophical that goes along with this theme.  It even has a magical word…. hokey pokey. Everyone has their unique way of doing their hokey pokey, and in the end, you put your whole self in… that’s what it is all about.  

Together we celebrated this new school year adventure; did the hokey pokey by putting our whole self in; and honored the love, compassion, and joy that makes our community so special.

Putting our whole selves in!

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