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Rangoli to celebrate Diwali

This week we learned about Diwali; who celebrates it and how it is celebrated. We learned how people decorate their homes and we created our own version of Rangoli.

We celebrated Beatrix and Heidi's 6th birthdays.

Kindergarten created their version of layers of the earth using playdoh. Their cooking this week was cinnamon sugar flour tortilla bats which were a big hit!

Our individual art projects are all ready for the art auction on November 4th (next Friday) and last minute touches are being added to our group project. This is such a fun adult evening and a great opportunity to treasure your child's artwork, get together and have 'adult' conversation without interruption😊 You all could do with an evening like that!

I heard a parent yesterday say to his child "We don't say I want in our house, we say please may I have".... snap! We say the same in school or I would like, we say please and thank you and we keep our mouths closed while we are chewing, we say excuse me when we need to get past and we try to be respectful of each other.....: all a work in progress but lovely to know we are all on the same page.

Halloween songs are a big part of our circle this week and the children are really enjoying them. Costumes are welcome on Monday, please remember they will likely get muddy or they may forget to bring home a part of if it's super special keep it for trick or treating!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween weekend.

The Primary Team

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