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School Daze

So much going on since our last post! From Valentine’s celebrations, to cooking, to preparations for literary tea and the science fair... our heads are sometimes spinning, but we have endless wonderful work going on.

The children decorated bags to hold the Valentines others gave them. Then they distributed their Valentine's to their friends' bags.

Word Bingo and Grammar Symbolization:

Ms. Paula gave a beautiful pizza making lesson that included learning about the origins of the ingredients. Bonus... it was SUPER delicious.

Research has really taken off. This student researched the flag of Lebanon and then sewed it!

Lots of investigative research as well

So much math! Checkerboard multiplication of a four digit number, Stamp game division of a 4 digit number, recording division problems on lined paper, the addition strip board, and the last two pictures are finding lowest common multiples with the algebraic peg board.

Multiple ways to practice spelling... quizzing with a friend, signing in ASL, and using the moveable alphabet are just a few.

We celebrated Black History month listening to several of Martin Luther King's speeches in their entirety. That's the bluetooth speaker in the center of the room. Kate represented with her Rosa Parks shirt!

One student decided to take Thank You notes to the next level with some hieroglyphics!

The students have chosen poems to memorize for Literary Tea coming up soon. They have been practicing reciting them as a group, in small groups, to the trees, the chickens and the bunnies.

We have been grateful for the return of warmer weather and the return of our school celebrity, Jack the Street Chicken!

We have started a new tradition of having a poem (or maybe sometimes a quote) on a white board at the classroom entrance on the ramp. It changes daily. Here's one we shared for women's history month.

Join us on the Green on St. Patrick's day for Literary Tea. We can't wait to share our poems with you.

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