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Science & Engineering 10/18

This week we continued to learn about geology - specifically the composition of the earth’s interior, the different types of stress rock is subjected to, and the faults and boundaries associated with that stress. We developed a cross section diagram of the upper layers of the earth and how tectonic movement occurs, and made 3d foam models of the 3 main types of faults.

We also began to discuss our next in-class project, SHIP THE CHIP, in which the students will develop small shipping containers to protect a single Pringle potato chip to ourselves through the USPS. We will be creating these in the coming weeks from recycled/upcycled material, so no need to buy any supplies (besides perhaps a bit of packing tape).

Lastly, this week students formally selected their topics for this year’s science fair. Their next objective is to collect 5 research sources before developing a detailed procedure and research plan over the next few weeks.

Thanks, Julian for an intriguing master class on his experience attending the same New York state fair almost every year.

Check out the photo slideshow & have a great weekend!

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