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Seeds... art and getting ready for spring

This week in Primary, students learned about cold stratification of seeds.  Certain seeds need to cold to germinate, to experience winter. One way of doing this is by adding seeds to moist sand in an airtight container and then putting it in the refrigerator for a month.  Anise hyssop, catnip, and valerian are the seeds we stratified this week. At the end of February, Primary will plant these seeds to help get ready for the spring farmers market. As a note, not all seeds need this type of care before germinating; it is plant-specific.

In addition, Upper Elementary created art with seeds!  They are creating Kandinsky inspired work using dried legumes.  I think we should call this “Beandinsky.” The piece pictured below will be available for purchase at the DGS Art Auction in February, along with two other original beandinsky works.


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