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Sew good to see everyone

It was really nice to have time to spend with everyone at the art auction. I explained the process to those of you that I got a chance to talk to but for those I didn't see here is what we did. This year for Primary we decided to create a circle of friends to celebrate being re-united again in one space. Each child drew them-self on paper and Ms. Belkis then transferred their drawing to a sewing canvas thereby creating a circle of friends. They then proceeded to sew just them-self on each person’s canvas, in essence creating a sewing year book.

Kindergarten took it a step further and while they sewed themselves on all the other children's projects, for their project they created their own Kindergarten group and sewed not only themselves but also their Kindergarten friends as they see them. Sewing is such a big part of the Montessori curriculum, it helps with focus, hand-eye coordination and builds hand strength. We had a lot of fun with it!

For our group project, we created a functional sandbox table since the children truly enjoy working at the sand table in our classroom.

The theme of the sandbox table project was celebrating individuality within our community. Recognizing and respecting the fact that we are all different but work together to form an all-inclusive community.

Ms. Belkis and her husband David created the sandbox table. He built it and designed it and she designed and painted the background. The children and teachers created the fish.

This past week we read about and discussed some of the differences between reptiles and amphibians with a focus on snakes and frogs. We also practiced our frog moves! Kindergarten worked on their maps of South America and began division! I hope everyone had a great weekend.

The Primary Team

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