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Six for Six

What a week! Monday was interesting for sure, especially for Ms. Judith. Ms. Belkis and I were both out sick and so Ms. Shannon, Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Patricia all pitched in and had some fun experiences with Primary....thank you to everyone for holding down the fort and the children enjoyed having visiting teachers.

The children enjoyed Valentine's Day as always. However, the highlight of our week came on Wednesday during circle time. As we were opening the very last egg from our chick lifecycle work we heard some chirpring.....FOR REAL. At that very moment our first chick was pecking it's way out of it's egg and chirping. Needless to say it was an incredible moment for all of us. It continued to work it's way out and by the time lunch was over, two chicks had hatched. One more hatched in the afternoon as Kindergarten watched it's every move. Two more hatched overnight and then the final one hatched on Thursday morning right as the children were arriving. Ms. Kathleen had their brooding area all set up and the 'older and drier' chicks were moved from the incubator to their new abode. Ms. Kathleen explained to the children how we will take care of them and how to observe them without disturbing them. All six chicks are now doing well in the brooder. What an incredible experience this has been from beginning to end!!!

Hope Everyone has an amazing break!

The Primary Team

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