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So Much Love

No doubt about it....Valentine's Day was the hit of the week. It was such a sweet day, everyone sharing their love and their creativity. Thank you to everyone for making it simple. We live in such a complicated over the top world, it is very special for your children to have a space that is unlike no other in that respect....a place where they can rely on continuity, routine and expectations of everyone being treated equally with respect and kindness. Whether they are three or's all the same! A safe space to just be!!!

We had just spent some time during circle discussing Chinese New Yea; who celebrates it, why and how, when Dahlia (Davidson's big sister) came from Upper El to share some information with us about how her family celebrates this wonderful festival. She also gave us all an envelope with a special surprise inside and explained to us that if we keep it until next year when Chinese New Year begins again, it will bring us good luck!

We had some more visitors this week and are almost at the end of our visits....a bird's eye view of next year! Speaking of birds, we are continuing our bird meditation and observation and we took a walk in the woods on Thursday morning to do exactly that. We were royally rewarded when two hawks decided to fly together and communicate to each other as we observed them for several minutes!

Ms. Belkis shared her news today with the children. We had a special circle time at eleven so she could share her news, feel the love from the children and answer any questions. Everything went well. We then broke for lunch and playtime, which was a good distraction!

I hope everyone has a wonderful break with plenty of time to relax, regroup and enjoy each other.

The Primary Team

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