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Sustainability (Nov.1-5)

Lower El students set the pace for Sustainability this week with a buzz of farm activity on Monday. Working in pairs they split up tasks of cleaning the luffa gourds they brought back from Rockmont, testing the nitrate and ammonia levels in the aquaponic system, planting of kale and other greens in containers, and constructing plant presses to use for fall leaves and plants next spring. It was a whirlwind of activity around the dome!

Middle Schoolers really impressed me with the results of their "hunt" for farm and campus tasks. I decided that rather than me listing out tasks, it would be interesting (to me) and empowering (to them) to learn what they see as in need of attention on the farm and playgrounds. Do not let them fool you! They are keen observers and can spot a problem in need of solving. Check out the list (in the photos) created entirely by them. A couple of students were even excited to start tackling the list. 😉

Upper El headed into the woods to explore the natural community. They went on a scavenger hunt for examples of all 5 living kingdoms, as well as a non-living element of the environment. (I lumped the two bacterial kingdoms together for this exercise). I think they were surprised by the abundance of diversity right under and around them. And the reality of the interconnectedness of our living world (that includes us!) was so tangible. Especially when we realized that all kingdoms were represented on a brick that Tyson found in the creek.

What better way to end this week (with Kindergarteners) than with a focus on leaves. After a collecting expedition, we matched leaf shapes to the botany cabinet master chart, made leaf rubbings, and pressed leaves. Next week we will use those leaves again in a study of leaf structure and make some art.

Have a lovely weekend 🍁


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