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Sustainability Oct.11-20

The first day of Autumn may have been a month ago, but now- mid-October, feels like change. Changing leaves, changing breezes, changing clothes, but also a settling-in. Each class (I'm fortunate to teach K-8) seems more settled-in as a group and into the rhythm of farm work mixed with science that is Sustainability class here at DGS.

Kindergartners tended to the greens they planted in the bunny garden, got to observe and gently feel newly-hatched chicks, and learned a bit more about the amazing adaptations of seeds. They gathered up their tomato seeds they had squeezed out last week, and we will save them to plant next spring 😊

Lower El soaked in the sights, sounds, smells, and feels of the season on our walking field trip to the greenway last week. It was beautiful to see how easily they dropped into quiet time in nature for observation, sketching, and wonder. The goldenrod was in peak form and everyone picked flowers to contribute to our hot goldenrod tea. The next day we tried it chilled. Ask your child which they liked the best 🍵

Upper El are a BUSY bunch, taking on more planting, re-configuring the hydroponic beds, adding leaves ("browns") to the compost pile, creating a new worm compost tray, and testing ammonia & nitrate levels. And they FINALLY got to play "recycle relay" - a fun and tangible way to reinforce what's recyclable, reusable, compostable, and what's going to the landfill. We learned that some of us are very creative in seeing ways to reuse, while others of us pretty much see a plastic yogurt container as the end of the line. 🤔

Middle Schoolers had an amazing 3 day field trip last week with Miss Kathleen and the intrepid parent chaperones. This week we continued IDing trees, while some also made their own plant presses out of cardboard, newspaper, and strips of an old sheet; Re-using like a green school should 😉

Have an amazing fall break and savor the changes as well as some comforting settling-in!

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