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Symmetrical or Asymmetrical

This morning we had a visit from Percy's mom who did a lesson with the children on geometry. Incorporating some of the materials from our classroom and some of her own she challenged the children to experience geometry in nature and all around us. She introduced them to the concept of symmetrical and asymmetrical and brought some materials for them to explore using all the concepts she had spoken with them about. She also brought some food to share with us and one of our Kindergarten students arranged them symmetrically on her plate!

We had some fun on circle this week discussing and looking at how some things can change shape one of our examples was a balloon.....with just a puff of air it can change balloon and then watch it change shape again when it popped! We have such fun figuring out what could be hidden in our basket in the mornings.....some have even conjured up the idea of an alligator being able to fit in it!

As we come towards the last few weeks of school, Kindergarten are working on a sewing/memory project in their spare time....very sweet! In observance of Cinco De Mayo this week Kindergarten made tacos using fresh lettuce from our grow tower. If any of you would like to take some home with you, feel free to stop by in the morning and help yourself!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

The Primary Team

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