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Time Flies

Well it certainly flew last weekend as we sped forward an hour. It really affected the children, they were very tired this week hopefully after the weekend they will have adjusted.

We continued our research on reptiles and learned some more incredible and in depth details about their habitats, and their hunting habits.

We are finished all of our individual projects for the art auction and this week we finished our group sewing project which if I may say is incredible. We are now sanding down the picture frame that will hold this masterpiece. Looking forward to an amazing evening at this event on April 26th, it is such a fun event and lovely to see the artwork and understand the premise of why we chose to do what we did!

Kindergarten made smoothies this morning and then shared them with all of the class. Everyone enjoyed them and didn't notice the spinach disguised inside! The mustaches left behind were the proof of the pudding!

Talks of Leprechaun's and their very interesting antics abounded this week.. It seems that the Leprechauns have become much more mischievous over the years.

As you all know the trees are being removed and the children were saddened and also fascinated at the process as it all unfolded this morning. We had a discussion the day before about the fate of the trees and why. We suggested that they go (if they wanted to) and hug the trees, thank them for all they have given us through the years. Then we talked about what might happen to the trees when they come down???? Could they be ground into mulch and used in someone's garden? If the logs are transported somewhere could children play on them? Could animals use them for shelter? Could they decompose into the earth and enhance the soil? Silver linings from a deeply sadscenario hopefully helped them cope with this a little more.

We planted some special seeds this week for another special project and the children enjoyed yet an other opportunity to connect with mother earth.

We congratulated Ms. Kathleen on her book debut and explained how special it is for an author to sign a book for the reader. She signed my copy and it was such a sweet experience for the children.

I hope everyone gets to enjoy the weekend and that the Leprechauns don't wreak too much havoc.

Ms. Collette & Ms. Judith

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