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Treasures in the Woods

Wow, where did November go? Even though the temperatures got colder, the afternoons were pretty warm and we had lots of fun finding fall treasures in the woods. I was amazed at how eagle-eyed these explorers are! They found mushrooms (Georgia even remembered that the flat mushrooms on trees are called turkey tails).

They also found bug eggs on fallen leaves- a good reason to "leave the leaves" instead of raking!

Also fiddlehead ferns near the creek!

Perhaps most exciting of all was finding the box turtle and naming her Rosie! Can you even find her in this first picture?

Of course, many different kinds of art was made, from acorn creatures to "drones" using vast amounts of tape.

We also attempted to make cloud dough, but something went wrong and the kids dubbed it, "cloud goo". Don't worry, I won't be sending it home! Something I will be sending home soon are their nature journals. They are full of different observations, so I'll make new ones in the spring. Just a reminder- December 13 is the dress rehearsal for the play and the 14th is the big day! I will still be offering Forest explorers those days, but I know the kids will be exhausted. So if your child doesn't want to attend those days, just let me know. See you in the playground!

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