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UE Starts Three Weeks of Giving and Light

Festivals of Light Around the World and a look at our Winter Solstice

  • A study of Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, Feast of Santa Lucia, Mother Night/Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Zorastrian Solstice Celebration (Persian Solstice), Lunar New Year

  • Research and create an artful teaching poster

  • Write a page for our recipe book

  • Prepare an activity and food for Celebration Day on 12/16

The Sun Study -

  • Copernicus

  • Why is the Sun So Important?

  • A Star is Born

  • Rotation, Revolution and Eclipse

  • Our questions - eclipses, length of day and night, Galileo

Master Class - Mr. Derek and Ms. Shannon introduced this special project that will allow each student the opportunity to research an area of interest and become a “master” on that topic. They will share via slide show. They will each have three times to share after exploring their curiosities.

Snowflake Math

  • Math Facts & Pixels

  • Coordinate Graphing

We enjoyed Zimmer’s Bday at the Green including a dramatic presentation by some of his classmates.


! Check them out!

Chores for Charity and ourBRIDGE for KIDS - Each UE student wrote a letter home explaining our community service project for ourBRIDGE for KIDS. It was a fun lesson in letter writing with the purpose of requesting a donation. This non-profit, non-secular organization supports refugee and immigrant children in our area through after-school and summer programs. UE is selling coupons to their families in exchange for a donation to be used to purchase winter coats and accessories for these children. These coupons are for "chores" and "services" including things like coffee and tea service, raking the leaves, prepare dinner and much more.

Dates to remember:

12/6 - monetary donations due, please

12/7 - a visit from ourBRIDGE’s community engagement coordinator

12/14 - School-wide collection of gently used winter coats, accessories and new blankets

Coming Up….

  • 12/5 - Cate’s Birthday (we will head to The Green for lunch one day this week)

  • 12/6 (or asap) - Monetary donations for ourBRIDGE for KIDS Community Service Project

  • 12/7 - ourBRIDGE for KIDS

  • 12/10 - DGS Winter Social for families

  • 12/15 - Davidson College Women’s Basketball Education Day

  • 12/16 - UE Festivals of Light Around the World Celebration Day (kids will bring in their prepared recipes and activities)

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