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Upper El, 1/18-1/22

The class had agreed: Tuesdays feel more like Mondays, and Fridays don't feel like Fridays... but we're getting more and more used to our hybrid schedule! Time was made in our schedule this week for students to tune into the Inauguration Day coverage. Students read a NYT article and composed a brief writing assignment describing the policies that they'd like to see the Biden Administration carry out. The class also discussed Amanda Gorman's poem in Philosophy on Thursday!

We are making progress with our memoirs and students will begin drafting this coming week. They all seem to be enjoying their literature circle mystery books, and the whole class loves our read aloud, City Spies!

If you haven't done so, please sign up for a conference. This week, we will begin planning for our February celebration, as well as how students would like our Secret Valentines Buddies to go. I'll be in touch with more information, as well as which day we'll choose for our full day of play!

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