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Upper El: 1/4-1/8 Goals and Intentions for the Coming Year

We were so happy to be together again this week, after a long break. We jumped right into our new hybrid schedule, and your kids rocked it. While this will still take some getting used to, the class showed great flexibility as well as responsibility this past week.

We came together on Monday and thought about our intentions for the coming year. What theme would we hope to encapsulate? What would our intentions be? Could we capture this idea, or mindset, with a hashtag? We distinguished this exercise from goal-setting, which students also did this week.

The class is super excited for our mystery unit, and they chose some classic novels to read this month! We also love our new class read aloud. Ask your child about City Spies so far!

Our math groups do an excellent job learning whether we're in person or online. We had some very cool mathematical conversations this week!

We watched our student news broadcast on Thursday morning as a class. It, of course, addressed the incident which had occurred at the Capitol building the day prior. I encouraged those who were interested in learning more to continue with an adult or with adult permission at home.

This coming week in Social Studies, we'll begin our next unit on Civics and Government. Students will learn about types of government, about the three branches of government, and about city, state, and federal government. We'll learn about our founding fathers and will study the constitution. Then, students will have the opportunity to create their own class government as well as a "micronation." Students are very excited for this, and a number have already said that they'd like to run for president!

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