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Upper El: 11/9-11/13

Hello, all!

This past week was a funky one! Between our two remote days and me being out on Monday, I only saw students in person on Tuesday and Friday (forgive the very few photos in our newsletter)! Thank you all for your flexibility, and for your flexible, focused children! During our Morning Meeting on Friday, students reflected on their remote days. They shared tips with one another about remembering to attend their Google Meet classes, keeping their school materials together (and ensuring items make it back to school), and how to set up in a location where they'll have minimal interruptions. I'm always so impressed with their ability to hold honest, respectful, and productive conversations.

I mailed our pen-pal letters out on Saturday. They should arrive to our Maine friends before their Thanksgiving Break, and we can expect to hear from them prior to our Winter Break! Students worked hard to compose handwritten letters to their pals, following appropriate letter-writing format. Due to a couple of students being out on Friday, and a general class request to have a bit more time to read, we pushed our literature circle meetings to Monday. This bit of extra time will ensure that students' conversations about their reading are good and juicy!

This week, we'll wrap up our Academic Choice projects in Social Studies, we'll finish up our research and planning for our Historical Fiction stories, and we'll have a super fun Friday together. Please check your email for more information about Friday! We are due to have some cold mornings this week, so please support your child in dressing appropriately!

See our short, sweet newsletter below:

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