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Upper El, 12/7-12/11

Upper El students have been having a blast playing a game that they made up in the woods. It involves cooperation, communication, and participation of all 9 classmates. It has been so fun to watch!

We've continued working on our historical fiction stories, and will complete our pirate literature circles this coming week. Students also read The Gift of the Magi and we held our first Socratic Seminar in class on Friday. We will wrap up our third social studies unit this week, and after break we will begin our civics unit and hope to create our very own micronation! We've had the pleasure of hearing about the middle schoolers' micronations this past month!

We spent part of our Wednesday morning at Hearts on Fiber, creating a special gift for our families! Thanks to Ms. Kathleen for organizing this awesome experience. We did some additional in-class crafting on Thursday and Friday to add to our family gift bags. Family gifts as well as individual student gifts were sent home on Friday. Students are invited to bring a warm beverage in their new mugs during our chilly days ahead! Please check your email for information about this coming week's lunch bunch and winter celebration.

Newsletter below with more details and lots of pictures from our week!

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