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Upper El (9/7-9/11): Gravity All Around Us

* I didn't take a single picture this week! I'm sorry everyone, but next week I promise to get a bunch of pendulum pics and more!

This week, in our afternoons at Upper El, students created a unique setting, nearly completed their pendulum builds, and explored gravity further.

For writing stories, after having learned about the two categories of setting (physical and cultural), everyone created their very own world. There were floating islands, mysterious kingdoms, and really creative animals and plants.

Our pendulums are nearly ready, and next week we'll reveal the mystery project that we'll use them for, on top of learning more about energy!

Gravity is all around us, and students spent time thinking about a few big questions: where do we see gravity at work all around us, how has gravity helped change and morph our planet, and how does gravity help support and spread life?

There's a lot happening thanks to good 'ole gravity that we don't always realize. Well, now Upper El does!

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