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Upper El: And Away We Go!

As we continued to build relationships and establish our classroom community this week, we were also able to ease into academic learning in each subject area. Students finished initial assessments to help me understand where to begin with their learning. It seems that students are more eager than ever to learn. Perhaps time away from school gave them an even greater appreciation for being here, learning and working together. Our below newsletter will provide you with more specifics from our week, which included work cycling, word studying, math game playing, pre-writing, map exploring, snake spotting, burrito eating, and tie-dye wearing! Ask your child about "Moose" and "Captain's Coming" as well. :)

Blue take-home folders were sent home on Friday containing their Personality Packets and their Friday Doodles. You may keep these items at home, but please send emptied folders back to school this week. Thank you!!

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