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Upper El (Mr. D): Research & Star Wars

This week we made strides in our body systems research, continued our stories, and made lightsabers!

To start, let me instead back up to last Friday. Last week we put a lot of effort into our art auction projects, and Friday was a day to celebrate that effort with a fun engineering challenge.

The challenge was to make a marble fall the slowest from our porch. They could use many different materials I put out and not some others that I purposefully kept out, like plastic shopping bags (that would be too easy!). Then, they had about 40 minutes to work. It was a lot of fun and great to see so many different designs.

This week, we mainly focused on making strides in our research around body systems. Some students chose to work in groups, while others decided to work independently. Whichever path they've taken, they're asking great questions and working hard to understand the complicated mechanisms of our body.

Wednesday, we had a little bonus day in the afternoon, and it was Star Wars Day, so... we had to make some lightsabers! The pape blades mostly worked great, but we found some challenges along the way as well. However, students learned how to do it, so anyone can tweak our initial design at home if they'd like. We spoke about different ways they could do this.

Next week is the UE field trip, and I'm sure everyone's super excited!

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