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Upper El's Got Spirit! 3/15-3/19

While our Spirit Week was paired with some iffy weather, we still had a blast together in Upper El. Spring is in the air, and spirits are high. These 9 wonderful kids make coming to work so easy each and every day.

We are continuing to work hard in our understanding of argument and debate. The class has enjoyed having "flash debates" against one another during our Language Arts time. Students have selected a debatable issue to write about for their argumentative essays, and they've been assigned two debatable issues to research for our reading unit. We'll hold our Great Debate on Thursday next week.

Students are creating mini-books for their Revolutionary War Academic Choice projects. They're also having a blast working on their micronation down in the creek at recess time!

This week is our double field trip week. Thanks for getting permission slips and waivers in! I'll be sending out an email shortly with a few more reminders about lunch bunches and upcoming April trips.

See pictures from last week in our below newsletter!

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