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Upper El, Week of 1/11-1/15

We rocked our second week of our hybrid schedule! Students did an awesome job attending their Google Classroom and Zoom sessions throughout our virtual days and many reported that they feel very productive at home, with minimal distractions. Their time to socialize on Tuesdays, Wednesday afternoons, and Fridays has become that much more important, however! So, Mr. Derek and I have tried to be mindful of their human need to connect with one another. THANK YOU all for continuing to support your children with our schedule, and for assisting them in transporting their materials to and from school.

Addie kicked off our week with a fun master class on horoscopes and astrological signs! She took the time to find out each classmate and teacher's sign, and provided the class with a description of their traits.

Students learned about the different forms of government around the world during Social Studies last week. We will continue to study forms of government this week, while focusing mostly on democracy.

We began learning some mystery-specific reading strategies this week. The class discussed some important mystery vocabulary including alibi, suspect, culprit, motivation, and opportunity. They're working hard to identify the mystery of their book and to solve it before the characters do! Literature Circles held meetings on Friday and students seem to be enjoying their new selections.

The class learned about memoirs as a genre in writing, and they began brainstorming possible topics for their pieces. This genre is the perfect blend of narrative writing skills (which they have a lot of experience with), along with essay-writing, which we'll do more of as the year goes on.

Students are excited to begin planning for our Valentines Celebration in February, and they'd like to do Secret Valentine Buddies (similar to Secret Santa). I'll be in touch with more information regarding these fun items!

Please see our below newsletter for more specifics from this past week!

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