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Upper El, Week of 2/8-2/12

We were given an absolutely beautiful day of weather on Tuesday this past week, which was our rescheduled Global School Play Day. It was such a treat to remove our coats and even break a sweat! The set of jump ropes that I brought in were a huge hit! See our newsletter for how we began our morning together on this day.

The class worked hard this past week to wrap up several projects, including their memoirs and their mystery literature circle books. We also began having initial discussions about our micronation, and we voted on the type of government we'd like to have.

Thank you for helping to make our Friday Valentine's Day Celebration a success. Students revealed who their secret buddies were, and the gifts that they gave one another were so thoughtful, and brought smiles to so many faces.

This coming week, students will be working to polish their portfolios. They'll bring these home with them over break so that you may look through them together. Our class will also be working on their literature circle projects, a mystery reading assessment, and micronation jobs that they signed up to do!

We will have TWO birthday lunch bunches this week on Tuesday and Friday to celebrate Reeves and Michael. I'll send an email out tomorrow once they select their restaurants.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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