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Upper El, Week of 9/21-9/25

DGS has always had the goal of having our students work outside as much as possible, even prior to the pandemic. Ms. Kathleen used to always encourage us by saying, "If you can do it outside, do it outside!" It has been so wonderful utilizing our outdoor classroom each day this year. Although we were pretty chilly during the mornings on Monday and Tuesday, and although students had the option of working indoors, nearly all of them still chose to be outside! The chill in the air was a refreshing change in weather, and incited many conversations about apple picking and Halloween!

While our official first Social Studies unit has been on NC's geography, we always take time out of our week to discuss current events. We came together on Monday to talk about Ruth Bader Ginsberg's legacy. Our conversation segued into a lesson on the Supreme Court, and paved the way for our class to write our own set of "laws." Students reviewed the goals that they had set during our first week of school. Some students tweaked their goals or added to them. We then journaled individually about what our classroom needed to have in place in order for each of us to be able to achieve our hopes and dreams. As a class, we listed everyone's suggestions, and then worked together to classify and generalize our laws. Finally, we wrote a class constitution-- a "class-titution," and each member of our class proudly signed it!

Upper El students worked so hard this week to wrap up three ongoing projects. These projects have been worked on for the past three to four weeks. On Friday, we had hoped to finish and share them during our class celebration, but the stormy day kept us home. I was so impressed with students' flexibility when they learned that we had to reschedule our celebration. They've also been doing an excellent job of navigating Google Classroom and Google Meet during our remote days! They're awesome. They really, really are.

Please view the remaining highlights from this week in the below newsletter:

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