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Upper El, Week of November 4th

We had a great week together in Upper Elementary! Our class diligently rehearsed for Friday's Variety Show, and their hard work showed. They did so well!

We've been in the early stages of a few projects, including our Social Studies Academic Choice projects and our personal narratives. This coming week, students will progress with these projects, and will continue to read and participate in their literature circles. We'll share our completed work on the Friday before Thanksgiving Break, when we'll also celebrate our accomplishments with a "feast" that the class is planning.

Please check out our below newsletter for a closer look into this week's learning. Tomorrow, we'll walk to the Davidson Town Hall to observe their Veterans Day ceremony. Our next trip to the library will be this Friday! Please also make note of our DGS coat policy, as colder weather begins to settle into our area!

I hope you had a lovely weekend, and I'm looking forward to another wonderful week with our class!

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