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Upper El, Week of Oct. 7th

Good afternoon, families!

Our class SO appreciated the cooler temperatures this week. Students enjoyed their time working outside at our patio table, doing their writing while stretched out on our picnic blankets, and reading to their Primary reading buddies out on the playground. They also appreciated and extended recess today!

We've been quite busy in all subject areas. Please check out the below newsletter for a glimpse into our learning this past week.

Thank you for signing up for conferences! Please double-check that I've recorded your conference time correctly in the newsletter, and take a moment to read my message regarding conferences.

We will have a short, two-day week next week before the class heads out to Barrier Island. Please make sure that you've filled out all necessary paperwork sent by Ms. Kathleen. I encouraged the class to begin packing this weekend, too! I'll miss them while they're gone, but will be so excited to hear about everything they learned and experienced together on their trip.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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