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Upper El Week of Sept. 16th

Good evening, Upper El families!

What a week we had! Between Spanish and Philosophy, Engineering and Drama, and then Friday’s Climate Strike, your child had a fulfilling, enriched week of learning! Check out our attached newsletter for more specifics of our days together!

Please note that Monday and Tuesday are our Picture Days. Monday is when we’ll have our class picture, and most students have their individual/sibling pictures on Monday as well, but a couple have their pictures scheduled for Tuesday. Please view the schedule carefully.

On Monday, students will be building yo-yos in Engineering with Mr. Ed. He’s asked that students bring in materials from home to use when constructing their yo-yos tomorrow afternoon. We’ll also celebrate the Autumnal Equinox as a school after lunch on Monday. Students will be sharing the origin stories they’ve worked to compose the last two weeks.

We spent a delightful day at the Schiele Museum on Thursday. Students experienced a perfect balance of learning and time to play and explore. We enjoyed a planetarium presentation on the Earth, Moon, and Sun. We also readied our brains for our upcoming Social Studies unit when we visited the American Indian exhibit. The class played in a pirate ship and worked as a team to build a building out of blocks, which exceeded ten feet!

I am so proud of our students for choosing to be a part of Friday’s Global Climate Strike. After viewing one of Greta Thunberg’s videos and learning of the strike, students worked hard to make a sign and join the movement. They considered their messages carefully. Students marched into town, stood for quite some time on the Village Green, and made their voices heard. They could see that they were reaching people, and that their protest was being taken seriously. When we returned to class Friday afternoon, students began talking about how they could continue to take action in their own town. They felt empowered and capable and heard. It was so, so awesome.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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