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Upper El-- Week Three!

We began this week with a single day of remote learning due to hazardous weather. It was good to get a remote day under our belt, giving ourselves practice with Google Classroom and Google Meet. We were happy to be reunited on Tuesday, however, and enjoyed our additional outdoor classroom upgrades! We are truly lucky to have our secluded, shaded learning space.

This week, we began Monday Master Class, math groups, and two ongoing projects (biographies and zines). Ask your child about their plans for their first Master Class presentation, which biography they're reading, and what their zine topic is! We continued practicing ways for organizing our writing during the Prewriting stage, and we will begin writing personal narratives this coming week. The class enjoyed learning about current events by watching CNN10, a "down the middle" broadcast designed for students.

We celebrated Macy's birthday with a lunch delivery, and ended our week with some water play!

See our newsletter below for more details from our week, as well as important reminders:

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